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The need for consumers to get information about various products outstrips the supply in many industries. In the past, the prerogative was left to consumer magazines like the consumer report, word of mouth recommendations from friends and relatives, journalists, celebrities, among others.

Although a lot of these are still sources of information about products even today, consumers in a digital era buy stuff online and rely more on customer reviews they find on those websites. Take Amazon for example, consumers depend on reports that have been posted on those websites when they’re making decisions on who to buy from, or what to buy.

But for essay writing companies that predominantly serve students, the ball game around customer reviews is different. A lot of them like to keep their customer base private either to protect them with regards to the nature of service, but also to help protect their business from prying eyes.

Consumer students

Students spend a good amount of their money with essay writing companies, a role we’ve become accustomed to. Lack of customer reviews on essay writing companies however throws an element of uncertainty to what the consumers do. Students need to be supplied with the necessary reviews and comment concerning different service providers to enable them make decisions that are not only informed, but strategically made for maximum satisfaction.

Why we review paper writing companies for them

One of the major reasons why reviews websites is to sanitize the budding professional essay writing industry. Consumers need information about services they have been using; both good and bad to enable them make good decisions. We serve these reviews to help them do it. In addition to this, also serves their users with reviews so that they can shun companies that have a reputation of disappointing their customers with leap service.

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How it works

We constantly ask real customers of essay writing companies to write to us about them. Since they are rating these companies, we use the average rating to rank top service providers. People coming to this website can easily navigate to the top list, choose competent services, pay, and continue enjoying college life.

In addition, sends some of its experts for a double check expedition on essay writing company websites to investigate. This yields a summary that contains a given company’s writers, customer support information/channels, freebies, service range, etc. Our users have a free reign on all of this and should make better decisions.